Be-In Love This Anniversary

Bee INNA remarkably pivotal time in cultural and social history, Woodstock moved masses and yet in some ways, after fifty years of milestones, we seem to have spiraled back in time. Many of the same calls for positive change ring out across the lands and they are even more dire. There are pesticides in the Garden, the pollinators need the wildflowers… The forests are burning…  The jungles are being clear-cut… The oceans are heating up… the sea levels are rising… The waters need our protection and the Indigenous communities and the youth can’t do it all… It is as if we haven’t learned anything since Woodstock, yet many people thought we had come so far. 

It’s no surprise we are all turning toward that one weekend, of Utopia recollected, for some relief.  And why were those three days so freeing for so many? Why such a rippling effect? Was it the promoters? The Music? The location? Was it the people? The times? Was it a mix of all of that—and then some? Yep.

The Woodstock Music & Art Fair is famous for having allowed people to take off with reckless abandon and relax from the stress of bucking systems, iring parents and for some present, yes…  organizing and activating… It was a weekend where harsh realities and utopian dreams mashed up and blurred the lines. Most everyone who was here, continues to say that the magic was in the freedom of being exactly who they were without the societal constrictions that had been gripping them so tightly… 

Under the pressure of overcrowding, rain, mud, lightening, food shortage and on…  Everyone made due, together. Those who knew community taught those who didn’t, those who had, shared with those in need—and in that unity, became the example of systems-changing. At the edge of political and societal breaking points, the proverbial slingshot had been stretched so far that letting go defined a generation. 

Now, fifty years later, the people are ready, once again, to be catapulted right into an Evolution.

As attendees speak of their experiences of the original festival, it seems the Dove everyone has been chasing, could simply be the collective sigh of relief that comes with letting go of resistance. People want to feel what it was like to be that free again and with the socio-eco-political climate today…. we could all benefit from a lot more than a weekend!! What if we stopped chasing the dream and lived it?  Imagine what we can do for the collective whole by giving it our relief?  What if the celebration moved from gathering in one place to Being Woodstock Love In Action all over the planet?!?!?

Some people believe that there is a Universal Switchboard.  And that every time an individual experiences a vibration, every other vibration that matches it lights up too. Let’s BE the Best lights we can be on that Woodstock Switchboard!

We’ve always known that we will never do it again—like that… but today, we have the reach of global connectivity—and Energy moves faster than Matter.  Our collective potential for connection is ripe and the beauty of that infamous weekend—is that it was never just that weekend. The spirit lives on in the people who made it what it was and the generations that have launched from there.  So we can certainly Be Love for this one weekend in August of 2019…  

And if we can do that, perhaps “Woodstock” can become a trigger for reigniting those expressions anywhere, any time, with anyone. And Woodstock WILL once again belong to the people. So, let’s join eachOther from all over the world and reclaim it together. WantPeace? Invoke The Spirit— Make The Music— Be The Love and Pollinate an Evolution with it.

By acting on our desire for Peace, by exploring Love in the acceptance of each Other, invoking the Spirit of interdependence and immersing ourselves in the healing power of Music, we CAN come together for a mass gathering of loving energy that spans oceans and rivers and mountains and continents—and BEAM The Love Everywhere, from right here in our hearts! 

You may have been there fifty years ago, you may have missed it, or perhaps you weren’t born yet…  But we are here now. Let’s take this opportunity to honor the past while creating something new… Let’s look back and reminisce about the good that’s brought us here, assess the messes we’ve left—commit to cleaning them up.  And from there, move forward, deepening our roots by uplifting the individual people who–each in their own ways–make up the “movement” and ignite the fires that fuel it. 

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