When we meet the people fighting for our safety, we have the opportunity to recognize a love that is bigger than us. The importance of music dedicated to systems change has not been lost on the generations following the dawn of music as message carrier… This evolving sharing of music is just that… Evolving. We will be adding to it and we hope you will too!!!

As we launch the call for a global Be-In, our family in Hawaii are calling for our prayers, support and action. The Sacred Mauna Kea Mountain is being protected from a Massive telescope which threatens the medicine. There have been many attempts to thwart yet another monsterohs telescope, for years. From policy to prayers, and TMT is not giving up. 
The indigenous people of the land are bravely standing and the would needs to stand with them from wherever you are. 
Witplease watch the video below, from 7/22/19 calling for prayer and to be ready for the call to join physically. 
We must stand for the Mauna. 
Brother Mikey has a heart wide and vast and his music ripples with it! Music dedicated to love and peace and spirit is medicine.

This Is Zero Hour is a youth founded, youth activated, youth led movement of brilliant young people calling for climate action.  Music and Art fuel youth movements and become tools for change  

Climate Marches and actions are rippling across the lands, and the youth are leading the charge. As many look to Millenials as unproductive and apathetic, we see quite the opposite as they mourn their own futures and contend with the emotions that come with questioning the probability of mass extinction. The flowers we planted in the garden are calling us to wake up and look outside the fence… there is more than the garden, there are forests and they are burning, there are oceans and the sea levels are rising. There are rainforests and they are being clear cut… sustainability isn’t enough. Regeneration is where we should be focused. 
The Love that goes into the food that is grown with loving hands matters… The love that inspired the idea of a Global Be-In has been nurtured by incredible beings who selflessly give for the benefit of the greater whole. Dave Murphy was one of the first sounding boards… This song goes out to him. If anyone needs a rest from the resistance, it is Dave and everyone who supports Food Democracy Now… Chris Dorman shares that connection with blessings… He is raising his family on a blessed farm, and he sings for the little ones with as much richness as the adults… Dave…. This song’s for you. Thank you for everything you do for the Farms and in turn, millions and millions of people.
Before Standing Rock stood up to the Dakota Access Pipeline, IDLE NO MORE led the charge to stop the KXL pipeline. What makes this bow to great Love is that we can share in the ripple effect of Ulali, offering the soundtrack.
Adam Elfers first crossed our path when he launched inspiring the divestment of $4,324,000,000 from fossil fuel projects, namely Dakota Access pipeline. Then, after some healing… He set out for the border. He brought the music… And he is BUILDING BRIDGES! Si Se Puede!