This initiative was born of a desire to keep the energy that is connected to the Woodstock Spirit on high. With the questions surrounding an official Woodstock Anniversary redux, and the growing negative chatter amongst naysayers on social media, there is an intergenerational call for an energetic shift. There are people all over the world working to make positive movement—from those raising awareness about climate change and the threat of mass extinction, fighting for our youth’s future, to the tightening grip, strangling cultural connectivity and political unrest, there is a strong need for more people to step up and take every opportunity to benefit the greater whole. Right now, millions of people are turning their attention to an event that continues to inspire for the last fifty years. Let’s make our energy matter!

RACHEL MARCO-HAVENS, Is a Child of Woodstock, Advocate for youth, indigenous and environmental wellness and visionary. In mid-summer of 2019, she called upon fellow Next Generation-Children-and Elders of-Woodstock to step up with her. Widening her call to advocates, the list of co-hosts is growing.

“I was disheartened as the social media attack on the promotors of Woodstock50 grew. The vision for peace, love and the spirit of Woodstock living on in 2019, began to feel like it was slipping away, and as one of the flowers, literally, raised in that proverbial “garden”, it felt like an attack on my being. It was totally unexpected, but it is real. It’s not about who owns the brand, its not about who has the biggest gathering. It isn’t about any of that. As a bridge between the sixties generation and the millennials (who are calling for us to wake up and stay woke), I can see the arc— the Woodstock50 conversation is a micro mirror of the macro. And we are in trouble. This call for a Global Be-In is about holding on to a trust that somehow western society has the ability to figure it out and stand together for future generations. So I am calling for those who are resisting the flow with their negativity to rest for the weekend and listen to some music, be kind to someone you have never met before. I am calling for the lightworkers to take a rest on the weekend of August 15-18 to reflect on how far we have and haven’t come and fortify themselves for the long haul. Treat yourself to something encouraging… Because wow, do we need it!” 

SHALALARI LANG are true daughters of Woodstock. Both Artists, they are as connected to the Woodstock lineage as anyone could be. Dedicated to carrying the Woodstock Spirt forward, they join Woodstock Lineage Holders, in solidarity, as we call for unity, love and music. Come in peace, “The people who carry the spirit of Woodstock still exist and are still being born. Each new generation deserves the chance to have a moment of Peace Love & Music. Spread and speak love.”—Lari Lang

BENSON SEBASTIAN (AKA Ben Vita) is a Woodstock musician. His music ranges from folk (if you can get him to go there) that will split your heart, to hip-hop that will open your mind and all kinds of rhythms in between. Also raised in the “Garden”, he is a visionary  voice for the bridge generation. His invite to join the Be-Inis spot on,“It might be the best way that we have at the moment—Especially those of us with financial limitations, transportation limitations… So many reasons why we’re not coming together right now…” he continues, “This could be the most perfect Be-In ever… because you don’t need to be anywhere to get there,  you don’t have to be anyone to get in. You don’t have to have a ticket… you just get on board.”

HEIDI LITTLE is an environmentally charged youth advocate, musician, Co-founder of International Children’s Month, Youth In Action For The Coral. She jumped on board when crossed her path, aligning with her own vision for keeping the Spirit Of Woodstock alive. Having connected in the past, over Youth Advocacy and Woodstock Peace Flags, she joined Rachel, immediately reaching out to wider circles.
“Many hearts make light work! Give a listen to the song, The Spirit Of Woodstock Nation. I co-wrote it with Artie Kornfeld, and it says it all!”

LISA LAW—was a member of the Hog Farm, which fed and helped the hundreds of thousands of fans at the Woodstock Festival in 1969. Wavy Gravy, also a Hog Farm member, famously paid tribute to their work when he woke up the crowd on the third day, saying, “What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000.” A photographer, she began taking pictures of the musicians in the thriving music scenes in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. She was backstage photographing The Beatles, Peter, Paul and Mary, Otis Redding, The Lovin Spoonful, and The Byrds, and took  promotional photos of Janis Joplin and Big Brother.

HEADSTOCK OF WOODSTOCK is Woodstock, NY’s Premiere Head Shop. In the spirit of the venue where the original Woodstock Festival was conceived, the vision for this Global Be-In was born in Headstock. More than just a headshop, Proprietress, Sara Reilly is committed to Love and Peace, champion of the heart.

woodstock museumWoodstock Museum Aims to gather, display, disseminate and develop the concept and reality of Woodstock, encompassing the culture and history of a living colony of the arts, with special emphasis placed on the exhibition of self-sustaining ecological technologies. Nathan & Shelli are deeply committed to keeping Woodstock, the town and the festival, alive.

Integral Yoga International

“Let us not fight for peace, but let us find peace within ourselves first.” Swami Satchidananda’s messages  during Woodstock are even more relevant and urgent today. ~Dr. Prem Anjali (Integral Yoga International)

UNITY EARTH—Is a global network building a worldwide movement for unity and peace—an intercultural, intergenerational and interfaith collective joining forces to amplify the impact of all people and groups working to make the world a safer and more inclusive place.
“UNITY EARTH is a proud partner in commemorating the 50 year jubilee celebrations of Woodstock. Woodstock 1969, represents an iconic moment in global grassroots peace building and stands apart as an historic testimony to the power of live music to drive a movement towards unity and peace. We congratulate the organizers and join the celebrations of this epic moment in world history, a moment that belongs to every lover of good music and every heart that yearns for peace” Ben Bowler, UNITY EARTH

WETheWorldwithletters 1800 x 1800

“The objective of the organization WE, THE WORLD is to facilitate cooperation on a global scale among groups and individuals dedicated to implementing solutions to the many challenges we face on the planet at this time…We invite you to join us in a movement without which all the other movements for change can not be successful. The crucial movement we are talking about is the shift from ‘I’ to ‘We.'”— Archbishop Desmond Tutu ( Nobel Peace Laureate)

EARTHWORK MUSIC COLLECTIVE believes in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both community and self-awareness and serves to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond. Deeply connected to Woodstock, NY, the Festival and the Next Generation Of Woodstock Children, Earthwork is embodying the connectivity between Music, Art Advocacy and Action.

TITLE TRACK  is engaging creative practice to build resilient social-ecological systems that support clean water, racial equity, and youth empowerment.

WOODSTOCK PEACE FLAGS began as a call for you to add a string of YOUR Peace Flags to a Global Community Art Project, aimed at bringing PeaceMakers and Climate Solutionists together to work toward a common goal… Today the goal is to Be-In Love. Keep your eyes open for Peace Flags appearing… The current strand is at least one hundred feet long.



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