For now… We’re going to let you tell us!

there are several concerts planned… This page will be populated with more than public festival-type events and the summer is full of ideals! Whadaya got? 😀

It’s the 50th Anniversary of the 
Woodstock Music & Art Fair Weekend! As we like to call it, the First Biggest End Of The Summer Party Ever… 

In celebration of the anniversary, there is a LOT to do in the hood! (Click all the links to get just some of the scoops!)

Check out the weekend long Audio redux of the festival in “real time”

Well, there is a Woodstock Is Everywhere—A Global BE-IN—go RSVP to:
From wherever you are!!

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is celebrating with three awesome shows all weekend. If you have tickets and travel passes Yay! They start with a set from Arlo & Sarah Lee Guthrie and then a screening of the Woodstock Film on the hill Thursday evening. 

Saturday Chogyi Lama headlines the second stage from 4:00-5:30 before Carlos Santana and the The Doobie Brothers

Jeryl Abramson and her son Zack are hosting folks all weekend at Yasgur’s (Roy’s). Chogyi Lama will also be joining Michael Clip Payne‘s 420 Funk Mobfor a late set on Thursday night. 

—And of course Hector’s Inn will be kickin’ it all weekend (at least)

—The WE2019Festival in North Carolina at an old west saloon town 😮 where they will kick off a ten day extravaganza.

—There are amazing and beloved chosen family rolling in, Lisa Law and Pilar Law will be in the Bethel hood at Dancing Cat Saloon who has a Killer photo exhibit going on. 

—John Kane and Bill Hanley will be in the Hood and John has some awesome book signings in the area including at The Golden Notebook Bookstore in woodstock and Kingston as well. Check out his book, Pilgrims of Woodstock! He has another one coming out in February 2020 called The Last Seat in the House: The Story of Hanley Sound. And if you don’t know who Bill Hanley is… You should… He is a major reason why your festival sound is so awesome today! 

—If you are in Woodstock NY area, check out Elliott Landy‘s interactive photo exhibit check out his page for details. 

—Nathan & Shelli over at Woodstock Museum are having a party this week, 25th Anniversary of Woodstock ’94 and of course their museum is always poppin’ in season! 

—Somewhere in the mix if you run into Michael Lang, hug him big and give thanks for the inspiration for so many to find celebration in their hearts!!! 
I amWe are so sorry not to be joining him at an event he set to produce. But Woodstock wouldn’t be without him. So. we look forward to giving him some extra love.  Artie Kornfeld too 🌞💫!!

We sure are missing Lee Lenore Blumer this summer! She was one of the most amazing women and integral in all of the Woodstock Ventures events over the years. 

Whatever you do, wherever you are… enjoy yourself. Because. We sure do need it! There is more than we could imagine on our plates. Turn off the TeeVee, take some time off, breathe, fortify yourself in some way and then return refreshed to keep the good work going. 
This weekend I will be, most of all, celebrating the land and water protectors. Everyone working toward food justice, civil rights, spiritual justice, the freedom to love and be loved and community. 
We are all in the same soup. Let’s make It yummy!


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